Second Try

It was a cheer leading, off you go, you’ll be fine, the world is waiting for you—-type of beginning.  Exactly the kind of send off I hope each of my children felt as they embarked on a new, somewhat intimidating adventure.  Yeah for parenting.

But I kind of thudded into the murky, evil computer swampland.  My daughter and WordPress both gave me the “go get’em tiger” approval.  So I started changing and re-arranging and having a great time.  Oops.   It didn’t exactly all come together as nice as it did for my daughter in her less than twenty minutes from start to finish of “here Mom–here’s your blog site–go for it.”

So I have emailed my daughter, did I say she is a most terrific lady?–hopefully she can fix it again.  And this time I won’t totally explore the edges of the my computer’s sand box.  I’ll try to stick more to playing in the middle.  (Unless of course she gives more “atta girl–go play, we can always fix it.”)  Hmmm.  I’ll let you know more about this little saga.  In the meantime, I don’t think it is too wise to download a lot of waiting articles and workshop information.  I’ll wait to see if this site is going to have to be “crashed” or just “fixed.”

Tomorrow morning:  take a moment and be an audience for the return of our song birds.  They are a growing chorus, heralding SPRING is coming!

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