Is it working, yet?

This thinking outside of the box seems to be a dreadful, frustrating downfall when:

A) I don’t have the skills to play outside of the box; and

B) I want it to be my way.

I’ll explain.  I apparently want a Blog to be an actual Website–I want to re-arrange things like the format for Categories and Pages.  Why does every Post have to be in a Category?  Makes me realize that perhaps all this keeping folks posted about my poor learning curve seems rather boring and not needed–or perhaps I need a Category that is called:  Relationship Building.   Isn’t Blogging all about Relationship?  Okay, I’ll do my best to provide all the information in   Articles, Glimpses, and Workshops—and then I’ll work with understanding how to place the rest of what I write into Categories having to do with the connection between you and me.

Suggestions, ideas, etc—all welcome—let me know.


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