ABC and Games

When I give a presentation I try to always give credit to those whose ideas and creativity I have incorporated, usually somewhat mangled to meet my needs, but still–it was their idea, hard work and ingenuity that gave the rest of us these wonderful tools.  When I just posted the First Day ABC, I realized that I had not added the great names of folks who have generously shared their treasure of knowledge with us.

Adventure Based Counseling:  the easiest way to give credit is to give you this link: with this link to Project Adventure USA:

I have used the concepts of Adventure Based Counseling with ages 4 through (how old was grandpa?).  It is one of the very gentle ways in which to build individual, family, and community.  What more can you ask for than creating new, healthy beliefs within a framework of safety and fun?

New Games:  there are a lot of folks out there who are working in the field of New Games.  My personal guru (but he doesn’t know it) is;

Dale LaFevre at .  I have had the pleasure of playing with Dale.  What an awesome force of fun-loving tender care!  If you ever get an opportunity to spend some time with this gentle New Games guy–go for it.  His DVD’s are helpful in learning how to experience New Games.



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