Here we go

Thank goodness it is still raining.  Can you believe I said that?  This is the crux of the matter.  I’ve just got to the point where I think I can use and organize this blog.  And it is pushing right into early gardening.  I can’t possibly be out in the yard, trying to do what I can about the need for hacking, digging, moving, raking, seeding–essentially being in the SUN; and,  be sitting in the house BLOGGING.  Hence, the gift of rain for a few more days.

I am usually quite self-determined to follow through with endeavors, but I do have to acknowledge that when the SUN appears, my will power dissolves until I am OUTSIDE puttering in the yard, playing with our dog or walking on the beach–none of those activities seem to co-inside with sitting and keyboarding.

So while it is raining, I am hopeful that I can upload quite a lot of informational material.  I will post it and place each post in the appropriate category.  I do apologize, in advance, for the “dryness” of some of the Articles. They were originally written to be part of a “how-to” book for the emotional well-being of children, thus they are formatted for quick perusal with short summaries.

Oops the SUN just peeked out, which means I need to work fast before I just have to leave the house and get actual dirt under my fingernails and on the knees of my jeans.

Be tender with yourself and others.

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