Workshop:First Day ABC

exploring Quaker Testimony
through the use of
Adventure Based Counseling Concepts
New Games

Curriculum for Youth


To provide an interactive workshop for Quakers teachers and mentors on how to use the fundamentals of Adventure Based Counseling (ABC)  and New Games to incorporate the exploration of Quaker Testimonies for all ages.

By the end of this workshop, each participant will be able to identity the following:

How to assess selection of Game/ABC by developmental age of participants.

How to successfully lead activities to provide participants with emotional and physical safety.

How to use the three-step process of ABC tenets to provide a positive experiential intervention for each participant.

How to adapt Adventure Based Counseling structure to elicit both individual and group experiential growth in Quaker Testimonies.

How playful activity can be utilized to help the participant acknowledge his own behaviors and beliefs in both individual and group endeavors.

How to use Challenge by Choice to encourage participation.

The following areas of Adventure Based Counseling and New Games will be presented in an interactive format during this workshop:

Ice Breakers,  Warm-Ups and  Trust Activities

Initiatives, Stunts and  ABC Leadership skills

Processing Method of Games and Adventures

1.WHAT?    [what was to have happened?]

2. SO WHAT?    [what actually happened?]

3.Exploration of Quaker Testimonies (or other teaching value/s)

PEACE                            how were one or more of these
INTEGRITY                    testimonies  experienced
EQUALITY                      in this game or adventure?

4.NOW WHAT?   [what would you do differently next time?]

Challenge by Choice

No participant has to do anything that they are uncomfortable attempting.  They may “challenge themselves by choice” in any activity.

Communication        The Elements of a Successful Experience

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