It’s Okay to Disagree

As I go through each one of these Articles, which I wrote some years ago, I do a bit of editing, but not much.  Most of what I’ve written is in the mainstream of mental health knowledge.  I admit to a fondness of intervention that looks at family dynamics and uses experiential intervention as a very gentle tool for understanding and changing the dynamic that is causing the pain and the negative behaviors.  My fondness comes from the successful use of play therapy and Adventure Based Counseling-type interventions.  Professional  “tools” that utilize strengths rather than weaknesses.  Interventions that provide change without the need for lengthy use of words, by anyone.

I just posted an Article on Addictions. I will continue to assert that children and adolescents who have an addiction are almost always reacting to family dynamics.  Out of all the adolescents I have worked with who have struggled with addictions, only two of them were outside of the norm.  Those two adolescents had a primary thought disorder that they tried to cope with by using drugs and alcohol.  So I want to caution myself to remember that it is not always a family dynamic; and, I want to caution you to realize that it is extremely rare for a child or adolescent to have a psychiatric diagnosis that over rides the diagnosis of “addiction.”

It is totally okay for us to disagree about my formed opinions.  It is in the discourse that develops, due to the disagreement, that enlightenment can be attained and community can be built.  Isn’t this the process that brings us forward into “progress?”


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