Two Axioms of Life

So much of what I write about concerns communication.  I have my reasons for this.  I’ve worked with the wealthy and poor, the powerful and disenfranchised.  Everyone I’ve worked with, from young to elderly, have been seeking a healthy relationship with loved ones.  Therefore, I believe in the following “rule of thumb axioms:”

#1. Communication determines Relationship

#2. Relationship determines Quality of Life

We humans have the capacity to engage in a source of never-ending relationships.  Typically we choose our most valuable relationships with those we love or would like to be loved by.  A Relationship is between two.  Any two can engage in a Relationship.  (Dog and man; boy and girl; nation and nation; you get the idea.)

When we attend to the healthiness of Communication, in all it’s forms, we place value on the health and growth of Relationship.  And in doing so, we also create a higher regard for the quality of our life, as well as the quality of life of the other in our Relationship.

Whew, that’s beginning to sound like something in a Psych 101 lecture, someplace.  Okay, back to my mundane blogging.

So, Parents, Caretakers, Boys and Girls:  how we talk, roll our eyes, shrug our shoulders, wink, stare, purse our lips, give a hand gesture, ignore, hug, smile, grit our teeth, etc., are ALL about. . . .


more to come……

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