Hula Hoops and Marines

I’m preparing for a weekend with Quakers.  Our Quarterly Meeting.  How does a Friend ready herself to spend a three-day weekend with Quakers?

By assembling my list for New Games and Adventure Based Counseling (ABC) games and initiatives, of course.

Now before you think I’m a little on the nutty side, read this:

Even the Marines use ABC tenets to help build cooperation and compassion between Peoples of different languages, faiths and countries.  Wow, wouldn’t it be great to send in the Marines “armed” only with Nerf balls, ropes, bungee cords, and hula hoops?  I’m getting a picture that looks very good from this Quaker’s viewpoint.

When was the last time you “lined up in a circle?”  Thank you Karl Rohnke for giving us this little phrase that extends an invitation to even the most ardent “grouch” at the games.

How long ago was it that you played “Everybody’s IT?” Thank you  Dale Le Fevre for giving us such childhood pleasures of running (well, moving quickly for some of us) and laughing and enjoying the kindred spirit of playing tag with all ages.

And you thought Quakers were silent, studious, thoughtful, and did I mention silent?  Nope, we like to play as much as anyone else.  Our games are for all, to build community and playfully give thanks for all that we enjoy.

You don’t have to be a member of Quakers to enjoy all that we have to offer.  Many of our Quaker participants are called “attenders.”  Friends who attend Meetings for worship, with full participation in every facit of Quaker  corporate life without formal membership.

Back to my ABC’s.  I believe that with New Games and the tenets of Adventure Based Counseling, we can promote our beliefs in PIES:

  • Peace/ Harmony
  • Integrity/Truth
  • Equality
  • Simplicity/Community Building

Experiential Fun can lead to an internal journey for growth and stability.  It takes a viewpoint that does not need A WINNER, but rather sees THE WHOLE as gaining in understanding and compassion.  Going forward into a universe with the perspective that we all have something to add to our “Stone Soup” of achievement.

New Games and Adventure Based Counseling can be easily adapted and incorporated for all ages in any institution.

I’m looking forward to sharing in our Community Building by laughing, being silly, and sharing in being a part of something larger than myself.   Lucky me.  Want to play?

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