May Mayhem

Overheard at the our little Library this past week:

“There’s March Madness.  And Easter Break in April.  Now we have May Mayhem,” said the beleaguered-looking patron.

“May Mayhem?” asked the Librarian.

“It’s the end of the school year.  So we have to have the school carnival, school picnic, school Olympics, last field trip and Tea with Dad.  I think they know better than to have the Mom’s come one more time, so Dad gets to have the Tea,” said the lady, shaking her head while she pulled a narrow list out of her purse.

I remember those days.  They were great fun from my childhood point of view.  Mom’s get tired of this May Mayhem routine?  Gosh, it’s so much fun.  At least it was fun until I became a Mom.  May was always a full month of crunch time.  It was like the school was getting ready to explode the students right into summer.

Maybe that’s why June always seems so relaxed to me.  But never May.  Not as long as we have kids in school, which includes college.

Picking my daughter up from college was always a new experience.  Nothing routine about it.  Except for the idea of “I wonder what will happen this year?”

One year she stayed up all night “bonding” with her dorm mates and was so tired in the morning that she just couldn’t move too fast or with too much energy to load the car with 9 months of clothes, books, CD’s and other treasures.  Could she had possibly “bonded” sometime in the previous 9 months?  I was good.  I didn’t say anything, but we sure did get a late start for home–a thousand miles away.

One year she had made wonderful plans to have her things stored at the University.  Oops.  The day before classes were over she was informed that the University did not think  they could offer total safety of items.  Could she please re-locate them?

And one year she had forgotten to get packing boxes.  Or any kind of box to put her things in.  She couldn’t find any on campus or near campus.  She had called U-Haul, but they had already sold out to other college students. Could Mom, who just drove in from a thousand miles, find some boxes?

So to the Mom’s and Dad’s who think that May Mayhem is over when their child graduates from high school—hmm–you might want to re-think that for a moment.  But then again, you may have the kind of son or daughter who is totally self-sufficient and wants to impress you with their organizational abilities.

In the meantime, enjoy May!  And all the Mayhem!  It won’t last forever and then you will only have your memories.

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