Happiness Factors?

One of the criteria for selecting “The Top Ten Happiest Cities” in the United States was based upon the aches and pains being suffered by the interviewees.

“Respondents were asked to weigh in on whether they had any health issues that prevented them from doing any age-appropriate stuff and how many days over the past month had they been ill enough that it interfered with their plans. They were also questioned on current physical ailments — such as high cholesterol, diabetes, and heart conditions — and whether they had a cranky neck, back, knee, or leg in the past year that had caused chronic pain.”

Good thing the researchers didn’t dial my number.  I would have washed our little town right off the map of happiness.

Were those “happy” interviewees’ male or female?  Young or old?  Physically active or couch potatoes?  There’s a reason for these questions.

Females tend to give more information about aches and pains than males do.  It might be “macho” not to notice that greenish area that was swollen, but my guess is that most females would have noticed.  Even before it turned that lovely shade of tortured skin.  Females go to doctors and other health practitioners three times more than males do.  And I don’t think they go to be silent about their concerns.

Young or old?  My aches and pains tended to be passing through the moment or hour, maybe a day when I was younger.  But gosh darn, they seem to want to hang around longer now that I’ve reached “that age.”   I do so wish that my “happiness factor” wasn’t determined by my aging body that needs increased gentle attention

Athlete or  couch potato?  A physical therapist once told me that the least physically impaired people tended to be the “old-fashioned housewife.”  The one who wore aprons and left the heavy lifting to her husband.  I suspect that the more active we are, the more we tend to have increased “physical issues.”  Tired knees, tender ankles, strained ligaments, etc.  Not that couch potatoes don’t have their share of ow’ies, but they may not be as “broken” as the more physical among us.

So here’s my take on finding a “Happy City” to live in:

Find a city that is composed of YOUNG MALES who do the dishes but don’t play pick up games on the weekend.

I wonder how much we could attempt to measure “HAPPINESS” by the quality of our relationships with family, friends, and community?

I sure don’t want to give our little, rural community a dip on the Happiness Scale by assessing my emotional well-being by what my physical parts are complaining about.

To read more about “Happy Cities:”  http://www.care2.com/greenliving/10-happiest-cities-in-america.html#ixzz1M4w352Cp

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