Proposal: World Citizenship

I believe it is way past time to become a WORLD CITIZEN.  Not for a day, not for a month or year, but as a cultural norm.  But I’ll concede that most folks may not have reached this type of comfort with including everyone into their biosphere.  So we can start with a MONTH of being a WORLD CITIZEN. 

Just think, for a whole MONTH, we could insert somebody from outside of our national boundaries (please, let’s not start off with the word “foreigners”) into our usual daily routines of taking care of self and family.  We could actually GET TO KNOW someone who can TEACH us about their culture, their world, their family.

Only one MONTH to have ONE completely new person/family in our lives.  Each family in the USA to be introduced and learn about one other family somewhere in the WORLD. 

 Gradually we might overcome our doubts and suspicions (may I say “stigma’s, biases, prejudices?) of people with different skin color, different religion, different eye shape, different beliefs, different values? 

Who better to lead the way than we here in North America?  Let’s get Canadians to come in with us.  Who doesn’t love Canadians?  And while we’re at it, doesn’t the world love Fiji?  I think Fijians would be all for WORLD CITIZENSHIP.

Don’t forget the Kiwi’s, who better to show the way into “no nukes” and “love your neighbor?”  New Zealand, here we come.  Then there’s a whole passel of countries that totally prefer “making love, not war.”  For sure, invite Bhutan.  We have much to learn from this “backwards” country.  How about those “Singing Revolutionaries?”  Yep, we must make sure Lithuania is in the forefront of becoming WORLD CITIZENS.

There must be a country or two in Africa who would like to join us at our WORLD CITIZEN table.  How about someone from the Mid-East? Europe?  United Kingdom?  South America?  Balkans?  Who have I missed?

Just think what could happen if the people of the world demanded that their war machinary-oriented governments dropped the “war” part and began a total “humanitarian” part?  Think of the hungry, ill, and hopeless folks who could thrive?  Who could also become WORLD CITIZENS and continue to create better worlds for themselves and their neighbors.

Think of the possibilities. 

The power is ours.  Within our voices.  With our ability to “reach  out and touch someone.”   Yes, “CITIZEN of the WORLD” sounds very good.  Exciting.  Full of adventure.  Inclusion.  My family just got a whole lot larger.  HELLO WORLD!

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