Our JULY 04th WAR continues . . . .

It’s quiet at this time in the morning:  6:08am.  The sun is filtering through the trees and the crows have not arrived for breakfast. The garden needs some water, which will be done before our breakfast.

Our mornings have been the only peaceful time we’ve had in the past SIX days.  During all other waking hours and into the late night, we’ve been at WAR.  At least Layla believes that there are bombs bursting and guns firing, with a few howitzer anti-aircraft guns being fired.

Yes, we live in a beautiful part of the United States, on the beach.  tsunami country.  One of the largest bird migration routes on the Continent.  And every year we go to WAR.


Our community supports the buying of fireworks.  Our RV parks are filled, with instant tent cities springing up around small homes.  the beaches have become places of community, with bonfires, trucks, racing dogs and children running to and fro. The merchants are delighted.  It is the most high dollar week of the year!

Layla succumbed this year.  She has been able to ignore the pop, sizzles and booms of fireworks in the past, but not this year.  She is growing older and we know that aging dogs do less well with thunder claps and guns and Fireworks.  It has been heart-wrenching to watch this dog become so fearful, with racing pulse, wild eyes and the need to find someplace that offers solitude.  PEACE.  But we don’t think she found it.  Not with all that we have tried to do to minimize the effect on her.

It is July 05th, but we know from experience that people will continue to set off fireworks today and  tomorrow.  Layla’s War has not ended.  And with absolutely NO regulation, we will continue to hear fireworks throughout the coming months.  Sporadic pops and the occasional bomb that let’s us know that we are to be celebrating something.

(If you watch young children, they do not like the sounds of fireworks.  It is only as they age that they become either complacent or excited with fireworks.  I think this same sort of phenomenon occurs with adults who live with actual WAR.)

I used to enjoy a beautiful fireworks display, marking a nation who has come together, made up of almost all immigrants with a small sprinkling of Natives.  But our never-ending fireworks WAR is no way to celebrate.  We have much to overcome in our attitude and treatment of all those who wish to live peacefully with us.  An Eight day celebration, emulating the sounds of WAR, may seem appropriate to others, but not for Layla and not for us.





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