My Response to Religious Notice

Dear F/friends,

I received a personal email yesterday that gave me an immediate and still lingering sadness/challenge/”can I find hope?” kind of response.  A prologue to the email was filled with how much all Americans needed to heed this letter’s message.  Here is the beginning of that long letter:

 The President  Without A Country
By Pat  Boone

“We’re no longer a  Christian nation.” – President Barack Obama,  June 2009

America has been  arrogant.” – President  Barack Obama

“After 9/11, America  didn’t always live up to her ideals.”- President  Barack Obama

“You might  say that America is a Muslim nation.”- President  Barack Obama, Egypt 2009

Thinking about  these and other statements made by the man who  wears the title of president. I keep wondering  what country he believes he’s president  of.

I thought for a while about the whole letter.  I looked inward and found that to “do what is right” I would hit the reply button and send my thoughts back to my friend who sent me the letter.  Here is my reply:

I’m so glad that the Jews and Muslims, the Christians and the Hindu’s worship ONE God–do you suppose it is the same God?  I have NO problem with President Obama’s inclusion of ALL Americans.  I often wonder if God shakes his head when so many with much suspicion and anger fight over “who has it right.”
  Be Gentle with us Two legged Creatures–we share the same DNA.
   Love, Barb

I wonder if my friend sent my reply on to all the people that she sent the letter to?  I would hope so.  I also wonder if my friend has people outside of her chosen religion on her email list?  Would I send my American Muslim friend this email?  Isn’t she part of “send this email to ALL Americans?”

I would hope that we can have a dialogue about the ways in which we worship.  In the ways that we follow the same commandments, the same historical figures that may or may not give us clues/answers/puzzles to what our God really does want from us.  How do we show our respect for the way in which Spiritually is individual and yet may adhere to a set of religious expectations; and for some, “laws?”

I would hope to have a greater understanding of how to separate religion from politics.  It appears to me that when religions enter politics, we all pay a price, especially our children and the disenfranchised.

It is so soothing for me to share in the Quaker belief that “Revelation” means “Continuing Revelation.”  That we can use the past to try to discern our present and future, and knowing that as times change, so do HUMAN responses and expectations change.  I believe in a God that is rooting for all of us “TO GET IT RIGHT!”

We need to understand and value the respectful discourse between people who disagree with each other.  We need to hold dear the ability to listen to others, knowing that each of us has “that of Spirit/Light/God in us.”   Who knows who will be our teacher? Surely God continues to send messages through people who do not wear the garments of a Messenger.

When we find ourselves able to listen and seeking out the Messenger,  my continued hope is that we will not exclude those who do not fit our picture of what a Messenger looks or sounds like.  How long has it been since we really listened to others?  How long has it been since we stopped looking for the Messenger from people who don’t look like you or don’t worship in your manner?

I love my friend.  I also hold deep beliefs about how we all need to respect that of  Truth and Kindness in others–all others who care for their children, their elderly, their animals, their earth.



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