Simple Gifts: More than a Song

“Simple Gifts.”

How often do I think of this two-word phrase?  It is my way of reminding myself of what is really important.

Family.  Health.  Friends.  Clean Water.  Nutritious food to eat.  A book to read.

(Please add your own basics.)

When I complete my personal list, I seem to go on to others, which always includes:

Peace, Integrity, Equality, Simplicity, Community.

How very fortunate I am to live in peace.  No unmanned drones arriving unannounced.  No angry group seeking justice or equality (from gangs to terrorists).  No worrying that my neighbor will “turn me in” for my beliefs about politics or religion.

I can live with the knowledge that I can trust others.  I do not need to fear what others believe or if I am the only one who believes differently or practices my spiritual beliefs differently.  I can state my opinion without fear of reprisal.

Although I am aware of the inequality of economics, education and health services, I am not without resources.  I can’t imagine what it is like to live without hope that “things will get better.”  Our Equality testament seems to be the testament that needs greater voice if we are to find common ground and support through both local community and world community.

My community has expanded, especially with advent of the Internet.  I no longer think of myself as a citizen of one country.  I am a world citizen.  I conserve water for not only my community, but also for the world at large.  Water is soon to be our next oil.

From my upstairs window, as I write these thoughts, I watch as the sun dips lower into our yard, bringing a sense of a new day filled with hopefulness and expectation.  I am so very blessed to have this view from the peaceful perch upstairs.  I am hopeful that more world citizens can also be awakened with such a viewpoint.


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