GREED and Our Children

When I listen to words of those in power, I hear the unspoken:


On good days, I wonder how we can teach our children about this common human frailty?  On my not-s0-good days, I feel helpless in being able to make much of a difference by pointing out that it is GREED that has propelled us into this morass of current fears and realities.

No matter where we turn, we, as a people sharing this very small planet, have allowed our need for MORE explode into a culture of expecting to have MORE.

How do I role model the satisfaction with ENOUGH?  When do I recognize that I do not NEED to fill my closets, my garage, my pantry, my home, my passport?  When is ENOUGH, well, enough?  How much do I actually NEED before my appetite becomes one of GREED?

We are losing our planet so I can have . . .you say it . . .each one of us knows where we can stop with the consumption and begin the determination to actually have an arctic with ice, forests with trees, fields with crops, seasonal weather that is not determined by oceans warming, countries burning, chemicals polluting.

How long will I have drinking water that I don’t have to fight for, barter for, indenture myself for, give up everything for?

How long will my grandchildren have before they no longer worry about religious zealots invading their country and instead are fighting the insurgency of those who have water and those who don’t?

This is obviously a “not-so-good” day.  For those who believe that God has a plan and it’s for human GREED to destroy themselves, I don’t share the same belief.  I do believe that our shared God gave us brains, hope, courage and a whole lot of ingenuity to counterbalance the destructive forces of human consumption.

As for being a role model for children?  We are always on that Stage, with eyes and belief systems soaking in everything we do.  Perhaps it is not only the turning off of unused lights, but also the extra planning it takes to drive less, shop less, spend less, use less; and, be thankful for all that we do have.

I don’t believe it is only because I am a Quaker that I have these values.  I believe many people, regardless of religious or non-religious affiliation also share in this concern about GREED.  We need to “form that more perfect Union” in which we can come together to save us from ourselves.

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