When Personal Strengths Become Weaknesses

I was speaking with a young teenager yesterday, who presented me with the opportunity to talk about my “Rule of Thumb” belief:

“Our Greatest Strength Can Be Our Greatest Weakness”

Thank goodness we each have strengths that when combined in a group effort can make us that much more successful.  But what happens when my personal strength becomes my personal (and at times the group’s) undoing?

Here’s how it works.  Yesterday, my young friend presented me with information that was worrisome to her, filling her with doubts as to her ability to retain her friendship with a peer.  Her peer had been mean to her in front of their mutual friends.  The peer continues to do this on a rather consistent basis.  When not mean, the friend can be charming and funny and seemingly thoughtful.

The angst comes from wanting to retain the friendship, but not to be embarrassed or humiliated by someone she considers to be a friend.

My young friend’s Great Strength is her ability to provide loyalty to others.  Once she believes that someone is her friend, she will do all that she can to provide them with a constant uplifting of spirit and endeavor.  (I know her well enough to know that this is an accurate reflection of her deep commitment to others.)

The Question:  How do I meet my inner belief regarding loyalty and at the same time not become an emotional punching bag for someone else?

She has a lot to think about and her course of action will begin a path of whether or not she will be able to see her Strength of loyalty as also a portent to a Weakness of Disregard for Self.

So take a look at your own Greatest Strength and then see how it indulges/promotes one of your Greatest Weaknesses.  Once you have applied this to yourself, you can understand more about the people you love and what promotes or inhibits their actions or reactions.

This this a somewhat powerful tool in understanding humanity.  Used wisely, it will help your children to understand themselves and better prepare them for success over adversity.

Be gentle with yourself and others.

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2 Responses to When Personal Strengths Become Weaknesses

  1. ellyfilho says:

    Thank You for your visit to my blog and a lovely comment ..
    I understand what you said about work and school being some what similar, and the importance of the boys liking school for school for the fact they are learning ..I hated school growing up and i dropped out on my senior year had to go back after I was older married and with kids. It was a mistake I did and one i will never let my kids do… Being a parent is so hard .. Thanks for sharing the thoughts with me God Bless 🙂

    • dearfriends says:

      Hello Elly,
      With determination and courage you went back to school. What wonderful role modeling for your children–it’s helpful for our children to know of some of our poor decisions and then how we worked to achieve a result that was more within our personal belief and value system. Please be gentle with yourself–practicing “good enough–not perfect” parenting. Blessings, Barb

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