Looking For Answers: Quaker Schools

I am appreciative that so many people have dropped by to read what I have written.  One of the posts that is frequented quite often (almost daily) is my old post titled, “Observations: Quaker Childrens’ Program.

It is unclear as to what information about Quaker Childrens’ Programs the reader is looking for, as there has only been one person to comment.  This leads me to suspect that what people are looking for is NOT being found.  Am I right?

Here’s a list of what I think people may be looking for:

  1.  Information on Quaker Schools.
  2.  Information on Quaker First Day Schools (Sunday Schools)
  3. A new or improved program suggestion for First Day Schools.
  4. Another voice in the concern that Quaker Schools have few actual Quaker Children participating in them (usually “too expensive” is the given reason for children of Quaker families to participate).
  5. Another voice in the concern about how Quaker Schools are having difficulties meeting the need to provide Quakers for Board Members and Teachers.
  6. Maybe someone would like to start a new Quaker School.
  7. Ah, maybe I can find a Quaker School in my area.
  8. What the heck is a Quaker?  Do they really have schools?

I do not have direct experience with Quaker Schools.  My direct experience in Quaker First Day School is now about thirty-five years old.  Not current, as you can see.  What I do have is a concern for the growth and durability of Quaker teaching and testimony.  I believe that if we are to sustain and grow, we must attend to our children.  As we believe that “there is that of God in everyone,” we also affirm that children can be our teachers.  We need to provide them the tools to find joy in their growth as Quakers, including attending Quaker schools, if so desired.

So let me know what has led you to read these posts.  Perhaps a dialogue will help to facilitate further actions.

Be gentle with yourself and your children.

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