An Invitation to add VOICE to My Quaker Mail Bag

How often have I told myself, “I should write a letter about that?”  Much more often than I actually write the letter.  Sometimes the “seasoning” of a potential letter that does not “rise” to an actuality is probably a good thing.  But, I suspect that most of the subjects that I find need more VOICE to them, would benefit from one more letter.  So, I am establishing a new category on this blog today:

My Quaker Mail Bag

Letters without postage.  Letters that address current concerns, while adhering to a 350 year old tradition:  Letters that can be copied and pasted by my wonderful readers.  (Although remember, if you change the letter, it becomes your letter, not mine.)  Letters about Behavior/Actions that believe in SPICES:







These are the Quaker testimonies.  Quakers do not have creeds or other faith-based dictates.  What Quakers have are their testimonies that each Quaker is to find his or her way in following, mentoring, establishing:  essentially “walking the walk.”

English: Photograph taken of Quaker meeting fo...

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Photo of a Quaker Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business at a Yearly Meeting.  Everyone is equal in their VOICE, including children.  We believe that the Spirit uses everyone to help teach others.

When we address an issue of concern, doesn’t it almost always have something to do with the above testimonies?  From saving the whales (stewardship and simplicity) to the status of our economy (equality, integrity, community, simplicity, and yes, peace), we want to better our neighborhood, our city, our state, our country, our world.

I welcome your letters, as well.  Your comments.  Your passion and strength of voice.  I also invite you to disagree with me, with a polite re-education of my views.

This blogging mailbag is to no way to reduce my or your letters to regular print media.   I will continue to send my letters to newspapers, from the New York Times to my local weekly newspaper.  I encourage you to do the same.  Reaching out with our determined VOICE is crucial in being able to help us as a community to reach unity in our efforts to “do what is right.”

So, please do, check out My Quaker Mailbag and see what I (and hopefully others) are adding VOICE to.

Be gentle with yourself and your community.

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