Dear Mr. President, About your Invitation

The following letter was sent to the White House.

Dear Mr. President,

I received your kind invitation in my email this morning.  [For those who didn’t receive this invitation, please scroll down and see the entire message.]

As much as I would like to share a meal with you and the First Lady (it’s a school night, so I don’t believe your children would probably be joining us), I will practice my Quaker values of not gambling.  I suppose in a way, this is like the early Quakers who didn’t doff their hats to anyone, as this was their sign of treating everyone equally–it was against the law to NOT remove your hat when you were in the presence of someone of higher station than yourself.  George Fox didn’t take off his hat for the King.  Many Quakers were thrown into prison for not taking off their hats to judges and others.

So, just as I will not enter a raffle to see if I can dine with someone in my neighborhood, I will not enter a raffle to dine with my President.

I believe your intentions are well-meaning, with inviting “ordinary” people to dine with you.  Perhaps you can find a way to provide equality in the invitations, without placing the ordinary person in the position of gambling or having the financial means of “status” to accept your invitation.

With Sincere Regard,

Friend Barbara


Friend —

Tomorrow night, we’ll pick the first of four supporters who will sit down with me for dinner.

I’m hoping you’ll take me up on the invitation.

Will you donate $25 or whatever you can today to be automatically entered for the chance to be my first dinner guest?

These meals are one simple thing that sets this campaign apart. The seats at our table don’t belong to any Washington lobbyist or powerful interest.

These seats are yours.

Donate $25 or more today and be automatically entered to win:

Hope to see you,


Go gently with kindness of intention and action

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1 Response to Dear Mr. President, About your Invitation

  1. patricemj says:

    This is interesting…I appreciated your reflection on this practice.

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