A Touch of Grace: Being Polite

English: Polite - but right?

“Did you say ‘please’?”

“What is that magic word, again?”

“When I hear the magic word . . . .”

“Thank you are two of the nicest words.”

“Did you say ‘thank you’?”

“My ears don’t hear so well when you use ‘yeah’ and ‘right on.'”

“Could you please shut the door after I get the dog in?”

“Thank you for shutting the door.”

“Yes, I would like to play with you.”

“Have you noticed that Mr. Jones always says ‘please’ and ‘thank you’?”

If we want our children to be polite, we have to teach them.  The only way to effectively teach is to role model.  If we want our child to be noticed, we will teach that child to be polite.  Polite is not sissy, stupid, or playing ‘to the man.’

Being polite is the grace of giving equality and respect–to everyone. 

Thank you for reading this short note.  If you find it helpful, please pass it forward.

Be gentle with yourself and your children.

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