Celebrating 22 months of Loving Layla

We celebrated a HUGE milestone yesterday!  Layla was able to get her toenails clipped–without anesthesia.  For the past 22 months we have rubbed her belly and played with her toes.  Our collective reward is a dog who tolerated the vet gang cooing to her as they clipped her very long toenails.

(Layla’s adoption pic–still one of our favorites, thought I would share–thank you Chole.)

Layla is our first dog that we have been unable to soothe well enough to clip her nails.  Have no clue as to her background before she came to live with us, but we do know that any kind of grooming is not her “spot of tea.”  Better known as “wild dog”–we believe our Layla is now into a category of “girl with attitude.”  Yahoo!  Maybe she’ll finally let us apply a brush to her 7 inch long hair.  (So far, we are only able to bathe her to try to keep her hair in good shape–NO brushes–nope, not even the gloves you wear on your hands.)

Other than having a young lady who just doesn’t like to be groomed, we do have a dog who loves to be petted anywhere on her body (at first we couldn’t go near her “royal” tushy, but now–that’s okay, too).

We rescued/adopted Layla two years ago.  Corgi chassis with “whatever your favorite dog is” mix.  You see, as much as we try to tell folks that we were told that she is either part Border Collie or Australian Shepard or at least some sort of Herding dog, well, folks see what they see in her long black hair and friendly, please-give-me-a-scratch-behind-my-ears wishful behavior.

Cudoo’s to the HeRD of Wyoming for being a great rescue group for herding dogs.  Layla and our needs/wants are a “win-win” for all parties.  Layla gets to have a large fenced yard, two walks a day on the beach or dune paths, and is hardly ever left behind (this is one doggie that would not do well being left alone all day at home=boredom=destructive behaviors.  And we get a friendly, always-looking-for-adventure companion, who just loves to be loved.

What’s next for Layla?  Well . . . we’re going to look into the Delta Society for the ability to spread her love around–and get some—by being a pet partner.  (Delta Society is also now Pet Partners.)  It just feels that she and we have made enough progress that perhaps Layla’s “work” could include helping kids to read, or old folks to find some soothing by petting a dog.

Twenty-two months of steady progress–maybe she’ll actually learn her “left’s and right’s” that we work on every day.  (We do need some help with the chasing/herding of cars–perhaps Patricia McConnell would like to have a free place to visit the beach?)

Time for a walk in the dunes–with new, short toe-nails.

Be gentle with those you love.




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One Response to Celebrating 22 months of Loving Layla

  1. Lynne Ayers says:

    All the pets I have had have been rescued – Andy at just 3 weeks old who had been given up by her mother who wasn’t nourished enough herself to nourish her pups; Midnight by neighbours moving into town from the country; Chance who’s owners simply didn’t want her any more and was going to be put down; and then there was Jaxxon, a $10 rescue from the SPCA – Jaxxon was very special. Now it is Cooper – dog in training. The love and companionship we get is worth the pain and anguish when they go.

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