No water? “Let them drink Wine”

Dear Friends,

What happens when we no longer have drinking water?  Can we envision a future that has a growing population surpassing the ability to maintain a healthy water supply?

Man drinking water from gargoyle

Man drinking water from gargoyle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Let them drink Wine” could be our new bumper sticker.  Fermentation is a highly prized method of eating and drinking.  Perhaps we ought to look further into this process to sustain ourselves.

Would fermented drink abate future wars over water?  Imagine when the rich can covet and hoard drinking water.  Thirsty people will do all in their power to obtain a drink, for themselves, their animals and their plants.

How long will we last, as a civilized race without drinking water?

I believe that if we do nothing else at this time, we must learn how to change our attitudes and practices regarding the usage of water.

Here are some of my thoughts:

  • Lawns must go.  Or least the watering of lawns must be stopped.  No rationing of water for lawns—the lovely green expanse of lawns must be deleted from our concept of what is culturally “beautiful.”
  • Individually owned swimming pools–no more.  Use a public pool.
  • Agricultural crops to be watered before 11am and after 4pm–no watering when it is the hottest.  Drip lines to be used, as overhead watering loses much of its water in evaporation.
  • Daily showers and baths–also deleted.  We are no longer a people who physically labor and need to wash our sweated bodies.  If dirty, take a quick 3 minute shower.  Try 3 minutes in a shower with a shower-saver head–plenty of time to wash and rinse.
  • Every washing machine to be one of lower water usage.
  • Use the “camp” method for washing dishes, brushing teeth, etc.  The “camp” method is based upon the idea that there is precious little water and all of it must be used carefully.  Fill a small glass with water, dip your brush into it.  Brush.  Rinse your brush and your mouth with remaining water.  You just saved a gallon of water–by not leaving the faucet running while you brushed your teeth.
  • All toilets to be low water usage.
  • And when you travel or stay away from home–same rules apply.

I realize that some people scoff at what I have written.  But people living with “summer in winter” this year, may be thinking along the same lines as I am.   I’m hoping that others see it as a sensible course for a world that is warming and does not have the ability to provide unlimited amounts of water.

Be gentle with our mother earth–she is all that we have.


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2 Responses to No water? “Let them drink Wine”

  1. irishsignora says:

    It’s a question of stewardship, really. Nice to know I’m not the only person out there who frets about this. While my husband, who works in an auto body shop, does need a shower daily (for all of our sakes), I generally don’t and neither do the kids. We’ve been given this world as a gift, and as with all things, if we don’t care for it properly, it will end up broken or destroyed — or, at a bare minimum, in dire need of a good cleaning.

    • dearfriends says:

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I believe that the more we talk about this (and act) we will be giving the gift of stewardship (how that word gets around). Again, thanks, Barb

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