This Woman NOT at WAR

Dear Friends,

I had no idea that I’m currently considered to be in a WAR ON WOMEN.

Photo of an unidentified woman of the Civil Wa...

Photo of an unidentified woman of the Civil War period who is wearing a kepi and a canteen. It is possible she is a vivandiere. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We found out that I’m at WAR by taking a short trip from home and turning on the flat screen television in our hotel room.  (By not having television in our home, we are happily unaware of the latest political WARs of words and concepts.)

Personally, I’m having a problem at being included in someone else’  declared WAR.  Does this mean that I have to take a side, declare my alliance and then do my best to FIGHT the other side?  Do I have to see this as an–either/or–situation?  Is it them or us?

If we are ever rise above our animal instincts for survival, wouldn’t it be helpful for responsible people (in all walks of life) to refrain from immediately pushing the red attack button?  Would not it be more conducive to promote the our abilities to challenge ourselves to look for ways to be inclusive, understanding and being KIND?

So for the rest of my sisters (and brothers) out there.  I’m NOT at WAR with anyone. If there is a WAR out there, it is the WAR of WORDS to promote misunderstanding, false alliance and misplaced emotional direction.

Might I suggest that our sisterhood resist WARs, declaring our intent for a higher level of understanding and inclusion?  Or maybe, we all could do without televisions?

Be gentle with yourself and your sisters.

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4 Responses to This Woman NOT at WAR

  1. The ego creates separation and war, whereas, the spirit which is the polar oposite and wants peace in all it’s communication. I see you’ve chosen love over fear in all your communications.

    • dearfriends says:

      Hello Christopher,
      Thanks for visiting. And how thoughtful of you to scan my other posts for hopefully sending the same messages of inclusion, kindness and respect. Barb

  2. This is probably the first time I have found someone to give vpice to my exact sentiments. Honestly, at war? We have a credo where I volunteer, and it was so awesome my husband and I adopted it for our home life and goals. It is simple…respect, empower,include = win. Winning to us means living as we choose, not rich,or ffamous, or even well off. Simply our wishes.
    Thanks for an awesome blog.

    • dearfriends says:

      Hello Fresh Thoughtz,
      Thank you for such great support! I’m so glad you shared your home and life “mantra” with us–how powerful to be respected, included and empowered. Wonderful. Blessings, Barb

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