HS Graduation: Roots and Wings of Parenting

Our friends’ oldest grandchild is graduating from high school this coming weekend.  This is cause for the family to gather and enjoy each other, congratulating the graduate and supporting his choices “for life beyond high school.”

English: I took photo with Canon camera of gra...

English: I took photo with Canon camera of graduation exercises at Montgomery, LA, High School. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sound familiar?

Now try this for a twist:

This graduate’s large, extended family is having a “Celebration of Life” event.  They are focusing on his journey thus far, with pictures and stories of before he was conceived to current day.  I automatically think of someones’ death when the “Celebration of Life” event is mentioned.  How wonderful that instead of waiting for aged demise or death to give Celebration for Life–to make it part of the family tapestry.  An expected event that is a true “Coming of Age”–an achieved milestone–a send off to further explorations and journeys in LIFE.

Talk about “Giving them ROOTs and WINGs”–an extended family who is the large tap root (great-grandfather will be in attendance) and then the expectation of fulfilment of dreams, goals, wishes, aspirations, determinations.  Roots and Wings.

Isn’t this a great parenting event?  Roots and Wings.

Be gentle with yourself and the family you hold dearly.

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