My Vote is NOT for Sell

What does it say about the United States political arena when politicians tell us that they need more money to win the election?  It tells me that my vote is being purchased by the slick folks who can “spin” the information.  integrity?  Honesty?  Equality?  I have THREE political wishes.

International Money Pile in Cash and Coins

International Money Pile in Cash and Coins (Photo credit:

ONE:  I wish there were a way to enforce an integrity issue of media not being able to provide political information that is not accurate.  Information that has to be censored by fact checkers who are impartial. With a Huge fine to both the politician and to the medial sponsor if inaccurate material makes it into the media.

TWO:  That there was a limit as to how much any politician could spend in the four months before election.  If millions can be raised for media bombardment, why not use that money for a much better cause, such as helping schools, infrastructure, medical research, homelessness, prison reform–you get the idea.

THREE:  That campaigning could only be for four months prior to election.  Other countries are quite capable of choosing their leaders with only four months (or less) of campaigning, why can’t we?

If money buys elections, then money is buying my vote.  Buying your vote.  Is that what we want in our democratic system?  Whoever can spend the most money is able to buy the most votes?  I need to be responsible and do my own homework–not rely upon the media and the political advertising to sway me into voting for someone willing to believe my vote is for sell.

Be gentle with yourself and those with whom you differ.

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