Do You Now Live in a Non-Garden State?

I had a cartoon image for our current experience of climate:

Scientist, pointing at a white board with a note that says “Remember the BIG picture” and saying in a bubble:  “We’re not sure that this melting of Greenland is due to climate change.”  The water is rising to just below his chin.

What is it that WE are not GETTING when it comes to our ability to exist on earth when we have depleted our drinking/crop water and are unable to feed ourselves?

Global Warming Map-tgk

Global Warming Map-tgk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While the rest of the United States is suffering with too much heat and too little rain, we here in the Pacific Northwest are having just the opposite.  As of yet, we have not had a sign, symptom or notification for SUMMER.

The only vegetable that likes this constant wet and cool are our peas.  The potatoes have already rotted.  The squash refuses to gain strength, the tomatoes have flowered, but can’t quite make it to full production.  Forget peppers, eggplant and other heat loving veg’s.

It is July 26th and we have not had two days in a row of above 65 degrees.  We are preparing for another endless winter, knowing that our food prices will be soaring when wheat and corn crops fail to produce in the heated interior.  That means that all animal produced food will also increase.

And then we heard a scientist tell us that Greenland is melting extremely rapidly–but it may NOT be a sign of global warming.  What will it take for us to ACCEPT that our heaven on earth is rapidly descending into a non-garden state?  When will we ACCEPT that our greed for natural resources is consuming our entire earthly globe?

WAKE-UP!   Our scorched earth needs our HELP–NOW–not when the when the politicians and the scientists can find the inner strength to EDUCATE, DEMAND and ROLE MODEL responsible, earth care behavior.

Be gentle with mother earth–it is a gift that needs our loving attention.

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