In Response to the Spammer

A spammer left me a message that says I’m a “little Plain.”  That although I have good information, “how important are Expectations, anyway?”  I’m to “dress up my site” with more media and greater “word power.”  If I don’t follow this advice, I won’t generate a lot of readership.

Spam! SPAM! Spam! SPAM! Spam! SPAM! Spam! SPAM...

Spam! SPAM! Spam! SPAM! Spam! SPAM! Spam! SPAM! Spam! SPAM! Spam! SPAM! (Photo credit: Dr Stephen Dann)

Hmm.  I readily admit to being a bit “plain” and old-fashioned without a sense of current flair; perhaps this is in keeping with my need for simplicity.   I would love to have the humor that so many of my fellow brother and sister bloggers demonstrate on a consistent basis, but alas, I’m stuck with my experiential knowledge that does lack a certain comedic presentation.

And although more readership would be of value, I’m very glad that the responses I receive to my postings are not about the pizzaz of the post, but rather about the content.  So, dear reader, thank you for continuing to ignore my lack of humor and my inability to use media–thank you for your common sense and words of instruction, respect, and hopefulness.

We are a community, building greater ties from within.  Strength is found in our words and our acceptance of our differences.  Be gentle with all of us who struggle to find the right words to present a clarity of knowledge.

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2 Responses to In Response to the Spammer

  1. patricemj says:

    i’m glad you are here 😉

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