BUT . . . . it’s a Political . . .thing . . .story


Donations (Photo credit: Matthew Burpee)

It may be a small thing, BUT there is that BUT.

Here’s my BUT story:

I receive political emails asking for a donation of money (they never ask for muffins or donuts or cookies).   The specified amounts range from 3 to 50 dollars.  If I can afford a latte, I can probably afford to send along 3 dollars.  If I can afford dinner out, I probably won’t mind that $50 dollar charge on my VISA bill.  So, every once in a while I bite and hit the ‘donate here’ button.  It takes me directly to the website that says a GREAT BIG HOWDY and then asks for my personal information.  A check list is provided for my donated amount.  How much would I like to give today?

  • $20.00
  • $40.00
  • $55.00
  • $500.00
  • $5,000.00

Do you see my BUT?  That list does not include a $3 amount or a $5o. amount.  Oh sure, they give you place to fill in what you want to give, but you can see from this list that the friendly, we really care about not asking you to give more than you can afford, suddenly becomes the con game of “which walnut shell houses the pea?”  Hey, what happened to my $3?  When I mentally agreed to give you $5o, you upped it to $55.  This may be politics.  This may be the way of “doing business” in the United States, but it is NOT my way of being truthful or abiding by a “handshake agreement.”

I have backed out of those lovely and determined political websites with the inflated donation options several times without donating.  Since I’m rather average, probably a lot of other people are doing the same thing.  So, if you have connections to some folks who are running these campaigns, you might want to let them know my BUT story.  Be honest.  Match the email with the website.  No surprises.  No sense of being treated unfairly.  Is this really how we do business in the United States?

I know.  I’m trying to be gentle with greedy/needy politicians, but it is challenging.

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2 Responses to BUT . . . . it’s a Political . . .thing . . .story

  1. This is so incredibly true and frustrating! I refuse to donate online anymore at all. The old “bait and switch” is now avoided by simply purchasing campaign gear to support my current candidate. I can get that at the local campaign office.
    Take That! donation web site!
    Thanks for the posting,

    • dearfriends says:

      Hello Fran,
      I’m glad I’m not the only one. I do so want to be supportive, but I am also concerned about what message is being sent. We have misplaced truth. This is never a good thing. Thank you for your passion! Barb

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