Why We Need Celebrations

First off, I’ll confess.  I really like celebrations.  Big, not-so-big, totally private and expected.  Balloons or not, food, drink and merry in whatever sizes and amounts.  For me, celebrations mark something new, whether it’s a car, a graduation, the finishing of a project, a family get-together.  Holidays and a plain ol’ Saturday.  Gotta have a celebration to signify that something has just occurred that has meaning and is valued.

The sparklers in Diwali Celebrations 2010

So it isn’t exactly Holidays, although they are approaching (quickly) and unfortunately the election hasn’t concluded, so why do I want to celebrate?  Ah, ha–I just plunged and bought a new computer.  Yeah!  Fourteen birthdays and six Christmas’ all wrapped up in one little laptop.  And it is gorgeous.  So far everything seems to be working, but I haven’t tried every new button on the dial, so to speak.

When I handed over my charge card and the young lady swiped, looked at six forms of picture id and pronounced that I now was in debt for the next hmmmmm years, I wanted some sort of fireworks, at least a smile, maybe even a bit of a hooray.  Instead, I filled out password papers, migration papers, and tried to think of all the questions I would need to have asked once I was home, alone, with my new computer.  And then I walked out of the store.  Without my new computer.  My new computer with all my passwords was spending the next two days with unknown computer geeks, in a migration dance.

And when I mentioned my somewhat “let down” of anticipated sparkling announcement to  . . .well, whomever, who would certainly be pleased for me, my husband gently pointed out that I had purchased a less-than top dollar model.  Ouch.  It still is new to me.  And part of my family.  Don’t we all adopt our computers, just like our cats and our cars?  Am I really that old or may I say, “old-fashioned?”

I didn’t really mark the occasion of my new computer.  I got in the car, went grocery shopping, to the dentist and then home.  It’s like, well, it’s like “what’s the big deal?”  Like nobody cares or at least nobody is doing any kind of jig with me.

I think we need celebrations to know that someone (it can be just one other person) cares enough to smile, hug, cheer and acknowledge that we’ve accomplished something, turned a corner, taken a risk, have a new journey to explore.  Celebrations are important, if only to attest to the moment of being/feeling/experiencing/indulging in being special, as an individual or part of a larger group–even as one lone human in the world of humanity.

When was the last time you cheered because someone “did it all by myself?”

Be gentle with your children and those you celebrate with.


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4 Responses to Why We Need Celebrations

  1. It is good to celebrate and make a big deal at appropriate times. I think this particularly in regards to children so that they will see that their actions/behaviors can have positive consequences.

    • dearfriends says:

      What a great start to a discussion on this whole subject of celebrations. Thank you for raising the “appropriate times” and the connection between behaviors and rewards part of this dialogue. What does constitute an “appropriate time” and what is an appropriate response? In respecting and teaching about cause and effect, do we lose any of our ability to “Just enjoy being?” I don’t have absolute answers for either of these, but I believe that they are each/both a valuable ingredient in celebrations. Again, thank you, Barb

  2. Kelly Lucia says:

    I cheered today because Mr. Man twirled his spaghetti all by himself 🙂 I have missed reading your blog– and, if it’s all the same to you, I will now go eat a caramel apple Milky Way in celebration of your new computer purchase! Peace be with you. — Kelly

    • dearfriends says:

      Hello Kelly,
      Oh, I get to share my moment of celebration with Mr. Man–what a nice, warm hug–along with that sweet apple! I have been struggling with “an old dog” of a computer, along with taking progressively labor-intensive steps to starting another website/blog to share my fiction writing for kids. So new computer and increased determination. Here’s to small steps and never-ending final destinations. Thank you for your kind words, Barb

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