My Reasons for Voting

I hear, and I forget

I see, and I remember

I do, and I understand

—–Chinese Proverb

 I vote as a gesture of respect for all those who have worked so hard and given so much for me to fill in each of those little boxes.  I vote to carry on the tradition that millions of brothers and sisters before me struggled to give me.  Voting is my responsibility to my children.  Voting is my responsibility to my country.  Each time I vote, I once again understand the power of my voice.  Without the actual gesture of voting, I would not understand the co-mingling of power through grace.  I do have a voice.  I do have a privilege and a right.  But only if I cast my vote.  I do, and I understand.


Be gentle with the soul of our country.

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2 Responses to My Reasons for Voting

  1. irishsignora says:

    Amen, Barb. I hope you don’t mind that I shared this. With so much stridency in the national political discourse this year, a gentle voice like yours cannot but encourage those who need to be reminded that voting is an act of faith in peace and a sign of respect to those who have fought to secure and preserve the franchise.
    Peace be with you. — Kelly

  2. dearfriends says:

    Hello Kelly,
    What an accolade to have something I’ve written shared with others. Thank you, Barb

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