The Business of Writing–New Book

In case you’ve noticed, I haven’t been blogging quite as frequently as usual.  I have a very valid reason for this:

I’m in the “Business of Writing,” as I have just (yes, JUST) published my first book:

A Middle Grade, 97,000 word Paranormal Adventure

You can find this e-book at Smashwords.  You can also find out more at my website:  You can also get a glimpse into my writing for early chapter readers and some silly poetry for the young or young-at-heart.
And if this isn’t enough of me, now you can find me on Facebook at Bj Gold–I’m the one blowing bubbles.

So now I need to head back over to my “about-to-be-published” (DIY) website at Yola and hit the “Publish” button.  Is this cool or what?

So be gentle with those who seem to never really get tasks marked off of their “to-do” lists–some days are better than others.


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