Trudges and ZINGS

Trudge, Trudge, Trudge, . . . ZING . . . Trudge, Trudge, Trudge.

Can I be a butterfly now?


For Sesame Street lovers, this may be a “blast from the past.”  Do you remember watching Sesame Street where the fuzzy caterpillar (as I remember it) slowly inched his way across the top of a brick wall.  In the background, a voice was saying, “Trudge, Trudge, Trudge, . . .ZING . . .Trudge, Trudge, Trudge,  . . .ZING . . .Trudge, etc.  Each time the ZING part appeared, the little fuzzy caterpillar would hump up very high and then quickly settle back down to slowly hump his way through each Trudge.

It was a great visual of how we live our lives.  We do a lot of trudging before we get to ZING.  I think this helps children understand the concept of doing all the boring things before getting to the fun stuff.  Chores need to be finished before going outside for a snowball fight.  Dinner has to be eaten before dessert is served.  Practicing the clarinet every day occurs before performing in the concert.  Life is full of Trudges for all of us.

In decreasing explanations to little ones, teach them about “Trudging” and “ZINGing”–this will allow you to use just one word to express a whole page full of asking for compliance or using one word to celebrate the small steps of success.

Be gentle with trudging and ZING’ing, especially to those who may have to endure greater trudging and smaller ZINGs.

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2 Responses to Trudges and ZINGS

  1. idebenone says:

    There was one short involving some puppets that I have never figured out. The whole tone of it was surreal. Does anyone else remember this one: there’s a desert background, and there’s a puppet walking along, sort of looking tired, and the puppet says, “Trudge, trudge. Trudge, trudge. Trudge, trudge. Trudge, trudge…” And then another puppet runs by very fast at that point, saying,”Zip, zip!” The trudging puppet stops, looks around, then sighs and starts trudging again, accompanied by that same monotone chant, which is again interrupted by that same bird-like puppet zipping by at the same point in the song… and it seems to keep going on and on… There was just something mesmerizing about it that would make me freeze, and I hated it because it was incomprehesible and nightmarish. I quit watching Sesame Street because of it. And of course, I had nightmares about it. I once said to my SO, “Some of the stuff on kids shows can get really creepy, like this one bit I remember that gave me nightmares…” and he interrupted me, saying, “Trudge, trudge?” and that really freaked me out.

    • dearfriends says:

      I don’t remember having ever seen this particular episode. But I totally understand individuals response to what others think is funny or having depth of meanings. I think our internal response is an indication of our metaphorical reaction to what we are seeing/hearing, etc. I have had rather negative responses to some childhood books that have earned “favorite” status with others. I continue to respect my reaction and understand that others don’t share it. Thank you for your comments, which might be very helpful to others. Peaceful dreams, Barb

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