Honoring the Mothering in Mother’s Day

The flowers arrived on Friday (thank you to our youngest set), on-line cards pinging into our email (thank you family and F/friends) for two days; and now the BIG DAY–and Yes, the phone is ringing!   Mother’s Day–flowers, sweets, nice words, kind memories–for having and caring for children.

Happy Mother's Day

Wait–Wait!  Giving birth or adopting are two formalities that qualify for the destination of Motherhood.  What about all the PEOPLE who give and care and share and lobby and love and give some more?  Shouldn’t we be honoring the MOTHER in all that we do to provide for our children?  If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes mothering eyes, arms, legs, brains and hearts to do so.  And EVERYONE who participates is to be given that invisible merit badge that says MOTHER.
So the next time you see an older child helping a younger child, when you see a stranger look concerned that your child is safe, when you witness a person smiling tenderly at your adolescent, when you see an act of caring for a child by a person of color or ethnicity that is not of your own–all these quiet, unvoiced caring hearts are MOTHERS, no matter their DNA allocations.

Helping Hand

Helping Hand (Photo credit: isafmedia)

       With this in mind, Happy Mothers Day–to all those who care and share and give and make commitments to the children–no matter the location, culture, age or circumstance.
Be gentle with our children–someday the world will be their responsibility.


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