Am I What I Read?

Dear F/friends,
PS:  I started to write this to introduce my new book, but I got side-tracked.  A good meandering to the internal parts of me, I thought I would share as a way for you, good reader, to take a look at what’s on your reading shelf.  Here goes with my original thoughts:

English: Maltese Yorkie Puppy

       I know I don’t look like my dog–less than long legs, tons of hair and brown soothing eyes.  Trust me, this is not the picture of the lady at the end of Layla’s leash.    So in my case, the thing about “owners looking like their dogs” or  “dogs looking like their owners” is a myth.
“You are what you eat.”  My diet is based on building bone and keeping weight off–I would have to guess that to most folks that would seem like I’m a mixture of “a new-age farm girl with a need for flair and comfort.”  Hmmm.  I think this is getting fairly close to my core.
Now for the Stanford-Benet test of tests:  “You are What You Read.”  Gulp.  Let’s see, on my nightstand, stacked near my reading chair, and waiting on the table are the following books and magazines:  (In no particular order):  The History of the Ancient World by Susan Bauer Wise; Death At La Fenice by Donna Leon; Cycling Home from Siberia by  Rob Lilwall; Uppity Women of Ancient Times by Vicki Leon; Fool Me Twice by Michael Brandman (A Robert B. Parker look-alike);  Suddenly Supernatural by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel; “Western Friend;” “The Sun;” “The New Yorker Magazine;” and “Friend’s Journal.”

Cover of "Uppity Women of Ancient Times"

Cover of Uppity Women of Ancient Times

Yep, that pretty much entails my passions and tastes for learning, activist involvement and entertainment.  I like history, a good mystery, middle grade take on the paranormal and need my heart and soul pricked with good articles and personal reflections.  By posting this, you will no longer have to guess who I am–here it is.  Wow.  What an easy way to determine what kind of person I am or may not be.  Let’s see–where is that manual on how to change the oil in my car?

       For my next question:  Am I what I write?
Be gentle with yourself–we are complex and simple, all in the same package.

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