Pesky Parrot Pilfers Perth

Word play is one of the best ways to grow vocabulary, enhance tongue twisting and look forward to Sunday mornings with Will Shortz (on NPR).  I have no idea when I first began to have fun with alliteration.  But I’m somewhat addicted at this point.
I try to not let others know how very often I think in alliteration.  I find myself zooming around in my head, searching for just the right word that starts with a  . . . .m  . . . .t . . . d  . . ..or –well, you get the idea.
Enter Jubilee Kincaid, CEO and President of All Things Kid Detective Agency.  Placing a parrot in Perth (Scotland), bringing in a Pakistani family with a son named Parker (his mother was into English mysteries when he was born), and providing a pony and a priest has made this a fun story to write.  The ending took a while for me to work out, and then after about 3 months of ignoring it, the final climax wrote itself as I pecked at the keys.

bjgoldWanted      It takes a while for Jubilee to find out about Pari, the Pesky Parrot that has taken a powder, escaping from Parker, and hitching a ride with the Peddler to Perth.  On the way, Pari partakes of the Peddlers persimmons and pears, along with other fruit.  While Parker frets and finds his way to the Highlands (in the wrong direction), Jubilee assigns herself the task of rescuing Pari, before she becomes a Perth Parrot Pie.
I think that girls in the third grade-fifth grades, or thereabouts, would enjoy the adventures of Jubilee and her common sense approach to rescuing pets.  Remember, Jubilee sports a gold tooth, red glasses and a baseball cap.  She also is quite the observer of the adult world.
Let me know if you have a young reader who enjoys “Wanted Dead or Alive:  Pesky Pilfering Parrot–or–The Case of Pari’s Party in Perth.”

Be gentle with the artist who would really rather just write than have to do anything to promote or sell or be “out there.”

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