Storm Clouds in our Children’s Communities

It has been awhile since I’ve posted.  Suffice it to say that Life happened once again priorities shifted to give time to family.  I’m joyful in being able to be a part of an extended family who I can share with, endure with and celebrate with.
I’m finding that I can now resume some of my previous routines, one of which is posting here.      On the last leg of our car trip last year, we managed to drive the Highway to the Sun in Glacier National Park on the last day the road was open before closing for the season.  The workers at the Welcome/Information Center were scrambling to pack everything and “get off the mountain.”  One of the oncoming storm images my husband captured remains with me:

100_1449      There is a storm a’ coming.  You can see it, feel it, taste it.  It is frightening in its awesome sense of power and carelessness of the lives it will touch and impact.  There appears that there is nothing an individual can do to change any aspect that the storm will wrought on those in its path..

Here’s the storm that was presented yesterday afternoon in my home state:

  1. IMG_5129-620x465    Marysville, WA.  I cried as I read the news reports coming out every few minutes.  The absolute burden of horrific change for so many people.  No going back and changing the outcome, no ability to pretend another school shooting had not occurred.
    Unlike the storm clouds in Glacier National Park–we CAN DO something about our community of children.  We can stand up as individuals, as members of groups to DEMAND that we build safe communities based upon the acknowledgment of the following:
    1. attachment
    2. belonging
    3. social equality
    4. restorative justice
    5. expectation of a non-violent, peaceful-seeking communityDo you notice that guns were not mentioned in the above list?  When we yell at each other about the right to bear arms and who can do that and what arms we can bear–we allow ourselves to deviate from the underlying issues–we allow ourselves to blame the politicians and the Big Money for our school shootings.
    WE  can change our communities–each community, one at a time.  Changing the expectation of safety and belonging.  WE can do this.
    When we see our storm clouds and know that we need to provide safe shelter for all, the gun issue will be a next civilized step in providing the world we need for healthy children.
    Be gentle with your children–life is full of storm clouds.
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2 Responses to Storm Clouds in our Children’s Communities

  1. Yes, the entire list of inner concerns you provided is important. But I don’t see why we shouldn’t address both the needs of the spirit AND the material aspects. These murders were committed by a well-liked, sane 14 year-old boy from a loving, healthy family. He hadn’t been bullied or abused, and there’s no history of previous mental instability. He was experiencing normal teen stuff, like adjusting to high school as a freshman, and he had just broken up with a girl and GOD, EVERYTHING’s SO IMPOTANT and UNIQUE!

    The thing that made his life, and the lives of others more dangerous was that when he decided to express his growing pains, he had access to guns. I do blame our government for not making it hard for children to obtain lethal weapons when unwise parents make it too easy.

    • dearfriends says:

      Hello Invisible Mikey,
      Thank you for your thoughtful comments. My thinking is that whenever we, the voices of the need for gun control, raise the issue about GUNS, we are out shouted by all those voices who can’t seem to understand that guns bring increased violence to us (especially handguns of any kind). Role modeling, teaching, expecting conflict resolution without violence is a whole community endeavor–even those folks who own guns (especially true hunters) believe in non-violence resolution to personal angst. Until we start this movement in our communities, we will not be able to effect the political and media allowance (and support of) guns and violence to bring about superior power and domination. Do our children start using conflict resolution in grade school and progress with this through high school? Do we provide the structure through out our school years for restorative justice (and not the vice principal enacting punishments for all rule-breaking)? Do all our parents participate in school in some manner? Are all our community schools cooperative in “speaking the same language” regarding the social expectation of our students? It is not only educating our children, it is also educating our entire community. I’ve been a part of these school endeavors, learning and participating. The results are awesome and in need of being inserted into all our schools. Power to change the “loud voices” will only happen when the ground swell is so overwhelming with determination. Again, thank you for your reading and comments–Barb

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