FYI on Categories

I will attempt to place posts in several areas of what I refer to as the following:

1.  Articles: These are short,  descriptive informational offerings on specific topics. Many of these topics are in a formatted feature to assist the reader in finding information related to either child or adolescent.  Articles focus on the emotional/behavioral components of parenting, role modeling ,and the care taking of kids of all ages.

2. Glimpses: These are primarily brief stories based upon actual accounts.  Many of these stories were published in a parenting column for newspapers.  They are to give an experiential understanding of providing a healthy emotional environment for children and adolescents.  Hopefully you will find humor as one of the strengths of these Glimpses.

3.  Workshops are the “DIY” instructions for working and playing with kids of all ages.  Almost all of the information provided here has been used with appropriate aged audiences.  These Workshops cover  therapeutic interventions such as: Adventure Based Counseling (with several “using outside of the box” strategies)  and implementing a Cognitive Behavioral template to work with all adolescents.

4. Connecting is what I will attempt to do between my professional life and my personal life; and, hopefully somewhere “connecting” to your life.  At times I will specifically write about my life as a Quaker, and how “Quaker” prompts me to think, muse, believe, and act.

5. Adolescent and Child: are specific categories because I wanted folks looking specifically for adolescent  and/or child material to have a quick way to find it.  Having said that, when handing a book to someone to read as a DIY learning experience, I always make the comment, “Scan through and see if anything seems to catch your attention.  Don’t worry about reading the whole thing from cover to cover.”  I feel the same way about this blog.

Other Categories will be available for posts that do not fall into the above criteria.

Please let me know it you are looking for specific information that is not currently available here.  I might have it or be able to refer you to someone who does.

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