Ask Me

Do you have a question about parenting?

You can reach me at:

When asking for my thoughts about your concerns for your child, please include all relevant details:

  •  child’s sex and age
  • primary concern
  • how long you’ve had this concern
  •  strategies you’ve already tried
  •  child’s current living situation–with both biological parents/1 parent/adopted–etc
  • your “team of resources” including family, faith, school, etc.
  • what you think is your largest challenge for being successful with your child.

I will do my best to be timely in answering your concern.  Please remember these will be only suggestions, not to be considered professional intervention.

If you believe your child is at risk for self-harm or harming others, PLEASE immediately call for help in your local area.  Your place of faith, your child’s school, your local mental health center, your local department for family services are all resources for you.  If this is an emergency, dial 911.

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