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An Adoption Story

We took our time at breakfast, not wanting to indulge our anxious expectations by arriving too early at the meeting.  Like teenagers, we pulled out our cell phone and took pictures of us on the “before” part.  We  looked the … Continue reading

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Entering School–Overcoming Anxiety

Layla’s lesson on overcoming ANXIETY: Our neighbor’s grandchildren are visiting, their dogs are barking, parents and grandparents are yelling above the din.  Some folks decide to set off some illegal fireworks.  Layla runs up to the connecting neighbor gate and … Continue reading

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Trudge, Trudge, Trudge, ZING

The deer came through at 1am this morning.  We know the exact time, because that’s when Layla barked and we said, “Quiet.”  She whimpered once and then curled back up on the bed, sighed and went back to sleep.  In … Continue reading

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Learning from Layla: Understanding Expectations

Layla is learning “Quiet.”  You see, Layla has “found her voice.”  It only took 2 years after her rescue adoption for Layla to determine that we are to be vocally warned of every pine needle that drops on our metal … Continue reading

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Parents: Learning from the Dogs?

We have rescued a watch dog.  We didn’t know we were getting a watch dog, we thought we were adopting a dog companion to share our home and love with.  Who knew she came with her own set of rules … Continue reading

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Celebrating 22 months of Loving Layla

We celebrated a HUGE milestone yesterday!  Layla was able to get her toenails clipped–without anesthesia.  For the past 22 months we have rubbed her belly and played with her toes.  Our collective reward is a dog who tolerated the vet … Continue reading

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PLAY Takes the Boring Out of Dreary Days

Now is the time to play with your kids.  Whatever their age.  Why now? Because it is February and it is dreary outside and school continues, day after day after day.  It seems FOREVER until summer.  It feels like there … Continue reading

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