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36-60 Months: Motor Development Skills

There is a reason why we begin to play games with our infants and young children.  Games allow all of us to enjoy gaining new skills and new knowledge.  It’s fun and not a hardship.  Blowing on an infants tummy … Continue reading

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Birth to 18 Months Social and Emotional Development

There is so much concern and questions raised about the spectrum of Autism that I thought it might be helpful to list some normal development aspects for babies and toddlers before the age of five.  This will be in a … Continue reading

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Beating The Burnout of School’s “February Blues”

Image via Wikipedia As adults, we are quite familiar with the term “burnout.”  We understand and are gentle with our friends and family who seem to be struggling with the symptoms that suggest they are emotionally and physically fatigued with … Continue reading

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If She’s So Smart, Why Can’t She . . .

How is it that Layla, our Corgi/Australian Shepard rescued dog, can be so super canine smart and learn her “rights”and “lefts” and still can’t fathom how to walk in the heel position? After fifteen months of having Layla with us, … Continue reading

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Understanding the Science of Early Childhood Learning

Please check out NPR’s story titled: How To Help Your Child’s Brain Grow Up Strong How the Mind Grows from Conception to College by Sandra, Ph.D. Aamodt, Sam, Ph.D. Wang and Ellen Galinsky Hardcover, 314 pages It is so encouraging … Continue reading

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18 to 36 Month Motor Development: Coordination and Strength

The word that comes to mind when I think of the “rugrat” set is: EXPLORATION From the ages of 18 months to 36 months, little ones become courageous adventurers.  Until they happen to crawl out of eyesight of Mom and … Continue reading

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Article: Beliefs

Personal Beliefs are the absolute internal foundations for each of us.  The way in which we look at our world, react to our world and live our lives comes directly from our belief systems.  I can’t cover everything about Beliefs … Continue reading

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