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Celebrating 22 months of Loving Layla

We celebrated a HUGE milestone yesterday!  Layla was able to get her toenails clipped–without anesthesia.  For the past 22 months we have rubbed her belly and played with her toes.  Our collective reward is a dog who tolerated the vet … Continue reading

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If She’s So Smart, Why Can’t She . . .

How is it that Layla, our Corgi/Australian Shepard rescued dog, can be so super canine smart and learn her “rights”and “lefts” and still can’t fathom how to walk in the heel position? After fifteen months of having Layla with us, … Continue reading

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Our JULY 04th WAR continues . . . .

It’s quiet at this time in the morning:  6:08am.  The sun is filtering through the trees and the crows have not arrived for breakfast. The garden needs some water, which will be done before our breakfast. Our mornings have been … Continue reading

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