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Exploring Spirit Language–Briefly

Dear Friends,      About a year ago, I attended a workshop at a Friends meeting  focused on exploring  Spirit in our lives. Our two workshop leaders were seasoned Friends who have engaged with Quakers throughout the United States and the UK. … Continue reading

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S and S for the Kids and Other Voiceless Citizens

Here’s the story:  Several years ago, I visited my daughter in Japan, who was teaching in the JET program.  It was a wonderful visit due to all the people who I was able to find a connection to, even if … Continue reading

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Honoring the Mothering in Mother’s Day

The flowers arrived on Friday (thank you to our youngest set), on-line cards pinging into our email (thank you family and F/friends) for two days; and now the BIG DAY–and Yes, the phone is ringing!   Mother’s Day–flowers, sweets, nice words, … Continue reading

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A Child’s Story: Dignity and Respect

Two of the most valuable resources we have:  Dignity and Respect.  One of my favorite stories goes like this: An eight-year-old girl was taken out her new classroom and questioned by a county social worker.  The school had become concerned … Continue reading

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Understanding Styles of Conflict Resolution

  February is quickly approaching.  That means that we are about to begin a month or more of kids being “prickly.”  If we place ourselves in a classroom, in the middle of February, it seems that life has become extremely … Continue reading

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Building the USA–One Citizen at a Time

At a recent dinner party, a ninety-two-year-old Friend stated that she was going to write to newly elected President Obama.   After much thought, she has reached the conclusion that all United States citizens could better themselves and their country by … Continue reading

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My Reasons for Voting

I hear, and I forget I see, and I remember I do, and I understand —–Chinese Proverb  I vote as a gesture of respect for all those who have worked so hard and given so much for me to fill … Continue reading

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