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Exploring Spirit Language–Briefly

Dear Friends,      About a year ago, I attended a workshop at a Friends meeting  focused on exploring  Spirit in our lives. Our two workshop leaders were seasoned Friends who have engaged with Quakers throughout the United States and the UK. … Continue reading

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Every Day is Christmas

Dear Friend, As the world prepares to celebrate Christmas, I am reminded that for the past 350+ years, the Quakers have been quietly observant of Christmas every day.  Although a lot of Quakers have succumbed to Christmas trees, decorations and … Continue reading

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First Day: Advice and Queries #5

It is my habit on First Day (Sunday) to prepare myself for meeting for worship by reading about Quakers and quietly thinking and absorbing what I have read.  (I typically read something daily that resonates with me about spirituality/Quakers.  However … Continue reading

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Posted by Ed and Deb Shapiro: Where Spirituality and Religion Meet

I think this article needs a wide audience, so I am posting here.  If enough of us post and read and ponder and then ACT, perhaps the world will be a kinder, gentler place.  It’s worth a thought–a thoughtful ACTION. … Continue reading

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My Response to Religious Notice

Dear F/friends, I received a personal email yesterday that gave me an immediate and still lingering sadness/challenge/”can I find hope?” kind of response.  A prologue to the email was filled with how much all Americans needed to heed this letter’s … Continue reading

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The State of Our Society: In Regards to Children

Quakers use the expression “The State of Our Society” as the title of each Meeting’s yearly report.  I believe that this is a title that asks more than “how much money have we made and how have we spent it.”  … Continue reading

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