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The 4 “R’s” Don’t mean “Resist” “Resent” “Refuse” “Rebel”

If you don’t want a child to practice the 4 “R’s” of Resist, Resent, Refuse and Rebel:  Here are the other 4 “R”s: Respectful Responsible Resourceful Reciprocal    The caretakers of children (parents, foster parents, teachers, coaches, clergy, family, extended … Continue reading

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Teen: Seeking Compassionate Life With Passion

Dear Friends, Just returned from our Yearly Meeting (Quaker speak for our annual get-together where we do business, socialize and seek and share Spirit with others–and eat, and laugh and watch how fast our children have grown since last year). … Continue reading

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Am I What I Read?

Dear F/friends, PS:  I started to write this to introduce my new book, but I got side-tracked.  A good meandering to the internal parts of me, I thought I would share as a way for you, good reader, to take … Continue reading

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Practicing Simplicity: Inwardly and Outwardly

Dear Friends, I’ve been thinking a lot about Simplicity.  One of my Quaker foundations is built upon the living of a life that is simple–needing little, taking little, using little, being always aware of my actions as being “right with … Continue reading

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A Child’s Story: Dignity and Respect

Two of the most valuable resources we have:  Dignity and Respect.  One of my favorite stories goes like this: An eight-year-old girl was taken out her new classroom and questioned by a county social worker.  The school had become concerned … Continue reading

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Every Day is Christmas

Dear Friend, As the world prepares to celebrate Christmas, I am reminded that for the past 350+ years, the Quakers have been quietly observant of Christmas every day.  Although a lot of Quakers have succumbed to Christmas trees, decorations and … Continue reading

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My Reasons for Voting

I hear, and I forget I see, and I remember I do, and I understand —–Chinese Proverb  I vote as a gesture of respect for all those who have worked so hard and given so much for me to fill … Continue reading

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