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Storm Clouds in our Children’s Communities

It has been awhile since I’ve posted.  Suffice it to say that Life happened once again priorities shifted to give time to family.  I’m joyful in being able to be a part of an extended family who I can share … Continue reading

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A Quiet Story of Struggle and Love

       A few days ago I watched as a rather angry young father berated his (4-year-old?) son about not rushing through the fast food parking lot without parental guidance.  Only, it wasn’t a loving parental command for safety, … Continue reading

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The 4 “R’s” Don’t mean “Resist” “Resent” “Refuse” “Rebel”

If you don’t want a child to practice the 4 “R’s” of Resist, Resent, Refuse and Rebel:  Here are the other 4 “R”s: Respectful Responsible Resourceful Reciprocal    The caretakers of children (parents, foster parents, teachers, coaches, clergy, family, extended … Continue reading

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S and S for the Kids and Other Voiceless Citizens

Here’s the story:  Several years ago, I visited my daughter in Japan, who was teaching in the JET program.  It was a wonderful visit due to all the people who I was able to find a connection to, even if … Continue reading

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Building the USA–One Citizen at a Time

At a recent dinner party, a ninety-two-year-old Friend stated that she was going to write to newly elected President Obama.   After much thought, she has reached the conclusion that all United States citizens could better themselves and their country by … Continue reading

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My Reasons for Voting

I hear, and I forget I see, and I remember I do, and I understand —–Chinese Proverb  I vote as a gesture of respect for all those who have worked so hard and given so much for me to fill … Continue reading

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8 (Quaker) Steps to Succeeding in a Difficult Conversation

Dear Friends, We attended our Quarterly Meeting this past weekend.  The theme this year was “Difficult Quaker Conversations.”  I’m not sure I learned any new ways to try to have a dialogue with someone who is offering a different view … Continue reading

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