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Building the USA–One Citizen at a Time

At a recent dinner party, a ninety-two-year-old Friend stated that she was going to write to newly elected President Obama.   After much thought, she has reached the conclusion that all United States citizens could better themselves and their country by … Continue reading

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My Reasons for Voting

I hear, and I forget I see, and I remember I do, and I understand —–Chinese Proverb  I vote as a gesture of respect for all those who have worked so hard and given so much for me to fill … Continue reading

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Do You Now Live in a Non-Garden State?

I had a cartoon image for our current experience of climate: Scientist, pointing at a white board with a note that says “Remember the BIG picture” and saying in a bubble:  “We’re not sure that this melting of Greenland is … Continue reading

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Pot: A Rite of Passage or A Port of Passage?

I awakened to a news report that marijuana usage is up by 80% in the United States–most of the increase is by teenage boys. The report went on to say that parents are “looking the other way.”  The young users … Continue reading

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